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The Unbroken Vase

Hey look, lunnera remembered how to lj! This fic is on and is coauthored by the amazing Stella Malodi.

Title: The Unbroken Vase
Pairing: Mori/Haruhi
Rating: K
Summary: It seemed odd that a simple quest for quiet would result in an 8 million yen debt. But what if it hadn't? This is the tale of Fujioka Haruhi and Morinozuka Takashi, the Third Music Room, a well-climbed tree, and an unbroken vase.

The Unbroken Vase

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Hi ouran_host :)

We have created a cultural database for the anime of Ouran Host Club as part of a university project.

This cultural database aims to help non-native speakers understand more of the vocabulary and cultural aspects of the Japanese anime.

It is not complete yet, but we have tried our best to explain various cultural terms which pop up in the anime.

Hopefully this will be helpful.

Please leave a comment on the page to help us improve! Thanks and enjoy!

Advent Challenge: Xmas Round '11


Ho Ho Ho! adventchallenge is pleased to announce that sign-ups for its 2011 Xmas Round are open until the 30th of November. We want to make this year bigger and better than ever, and the most important part of that is you guys, which is why we're inviting every artist and writer who wants to take part to come along and sign up!

What is the Advent Challenge? Simply put 25 stories or artworks posted in the 25 days running up to Christmas. We're a multi-fandom challenge, and although we focus on Yaoi pairings, Het and Yuri are welcome too. For more information or just to have a nose at some of last year's excellent entries go to [info]adventchallenge  or go straight to How to Advent . Hope to see you there and looking forward to seeing all the wonderful things you come up with this holiday season!

If this post breaks any community rules, my apologies and please go ahead and delete it.
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fic: Corrupting the Youth of Today

Title: Corrupting the Youth of Today
Fandom: Iron Man & Ouran High School Host Club
Rating: PG-13
Pairings&Characters: Tony/Hikaru/Kaoru, Pepper Potts, Tamaki, Kyoya, Haruhi, Hunny, Mori, Renge
Word Count: ~4,000
Summary: What happens when men with too much money and time on their hands meet one another? Say, for instance, Tony Stark and and the Ouran Host Club. The answer? Ridiculous shenanigans, of course.
Warning: Crack. Crackity crack crack crack. Boys making out with each other. Ridiculous shenanigans.
AN: Written as a gift for a friend, who promised me home-baked cobbler in return. Not that it excuses what I've done, but still. Cobbler.

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Selling: Official Trading Cards, Pen, Doujinshi, English Manga

Hello Ouran fans! I am selling Official Trading Cards, an Official Pen, a doujinshi, and 9 volumes of the English manga put out by Viz! Please take a look and give them new homes! Thanks!



Trading Cards: