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Chapter 71 scans + summary + partial translation

I just joined here...and here comes Chapter 71! The Host Club is in deep trouble...and it has lots of Tamaki x Haruhi too!

Link to Chinese scanlations:

It starts with the Host Club in costumes thing as always and this time it's a Chinese theme. Not much, but Nekozawa-sempai makes an appearance here. The Host Club is in danger of seperating because Mori is going for law school.

During some martial arts competition (not sure what it is), Mori wins while Yasuchika and Satoshi appear. Satoshi is very worried about Mori's well-being as he doesn't seem to be himself. Mori upon hearing that, smacks Satoshi with his sword.

Tamaki goes into a corner as usual, Haruhi approaches and Tamaki asks what's up with her and whether she is going to console him. Haruhi says that it's impossible that she's going to console him.

Honey is later seen explaining the situation while Mori is going for some competition and even his robe is worn the other way round which shows that he's not alright now.

The next morning, Haruhi is late to go to Music Room 3 (as usual). When she opens the door, she's greeted by the sight of a sleeping Tamaki.

*starts partial translation now for all the TamaHaru fans including me*

Page 23
Haruhi: There isn't anyone here...
Haruhi's thoughts: ...he should be quite tired...

Page 24
Haruhi: What I've said yesterday might have been too harsh on him...
flashback: I'm not going to comsole you.
Haruhi: In retrospect, since he 'revived' (look at previous chappies!) I've never been able to really face him...When he went back to normal, I should be happy but a bit annoyed because of his idiocy (don't take the idiocy seriously, I'm not sure here)
Haruhi: When he sleeps, he does look like a little child
Haruhi: Those eyelashes are so long
Tamaki: Mori-sempai...Honey-sempai...
Haruhi:Even when dreaming,he dreams of...!!

Page 25
Tamaki: Mother....

Page 26
bubble: good, good (can also mean well behaved here. think 'motherly')
Text: Even though I can't really help much, I hope to send Mori-sempai off happily
next bubble: With everyone else, and this person who is lonelier than anyone else (Tamaki)...

*ends partial translation as Hikaru butts in*

Hikaru comes in, and Tamaki wakes up. Kaoru comes in too and announces that Mori had lost to a junior. Honey is consoling Mori while Satoshi is angered by the way Honey later on says about how the reputation of the Morinozuka family will be lowered. Later on, Honey asks Mori what he is trying to do when letting everyone worry and asks him to tell him anything he wants to say.

Mori replies by saying that he wants to have a battle with Honey with the Host Club looking shocked.

next issue comes out on June 24 with colour pages!


that took me quite a long time to type. *dies*

Will continue translating the scans asap. I did the TamaHaru parts only because someone requested I do them first.

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