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Selling Ouran straps, bags, wallets, cosplay items, and more! ;D!

It's just about time for summer conventions, and I still have some Ouran cosplay items (and other things) for sale!

Almost ALL of the prices of the Ouran goodies have been REDUCED! So grab them while you can ;D!

Lots of other merchandise as well, and yes, I am aware that quite a few items still lack pictures.... I've been busy with other things @_@;; If you want to see a picture of something, I'll be happy to upload a picture for you, usually in less than a day ;D!

Paypal is preferred, although money order (concealed cash) also works. Items are shipped out within 1-2 days after payment, with a free gift ;D! 100% positive feedback.

Ouran items here:

Everything else:

NOTE: Prices are negotiable. If you buy more than one item and have a reasonable request, I'll be happy to hear it out ;D!

Thank you~~~!

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