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Wake up, eat breakfast, go to work. A typical morning in the lives of most human beings. In Meretrix, things aren’t much different. The streets are lined with sidewalks, slightly dirty, a similar sight to most urbanized cities. Skyscrapers tower over everything, casting their shadows out onto your feet. Hard to see the sun out here on most days. It isn’t until you slip past the signs on Verta and Mentula avenue that it starts to become apparent that hey; this might not be your typical city.

Bright neon lights cover the streets, music and perfume pumping into your senses. They have places for these everywhere too, you’ll find them in every city. Red light districts, whore houses, the works. Walking up and down these streets, you have your pick of who you want. Who will it be today? That redhead on the corner, the blonde next to the doorway? Just ask, and they'll be yours.

Unless of course, it’s you going to work. After all, Meretrix is the city of sex, isn’t it?

Meretrix RP is an 18+ RP that revolves around sex and revolution. It's a pan-fandom, MSN Messenger based game. We’re new, with a fun, friendly atmosphere and we’re looking for members, so if you’re interested, please check us out!

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